Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Days Go By So Quickly

The days seem to fly by. It usually consists of playtime after the first feed, shower (thanks to my mom being here), walk around the block with Benjamin in his Snugli after the next feed, another afternoon playtime, an errand/trip out, etc. I get a little weepy around 5-ish, but then Caleb comes home and all is right with the world. Benjamin loves his Daddy and comes to life in his arms!

I've managed to take a trip to Target and my Mary Kay consultant gave me a New Mommy Makeover today!

My mom leaves Thursday morning. It is going to be bittersweet. Even she says that it looks like we are ready to try this parent stuff out on our own. But, she has been such a huge help and is going to be missed....especially by Ben!

Caleb's off tomorrow and Thursday! I am so happy about that. Ben still gives us at least 2 3-hour stretches at night to sleep....some nights, there is a 4 hour stretch. After his early morning feed, I like to hold him in my arms in bed and watch him sleep.

I still can't belive that I'm a mom and this child is ours....to keep!

Currently Ben has the hiccups....breaks my heart!

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Kelli said...

I remember those days! It feels like the time goes by so quickly, you wait for them to do the next exciting thing and then all of a sudden they seem so big! It's good that you get that much sleep at night! We didn't get that much sleep til she was almost 2 months old! It will probably be hard when your mom leaves, but after a few days you'll get more confident! I hope things continue to go well!