Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

This New Year's, I was able to welcome 2008 with a very special little man. He has changed our little world and definitely turned our priorities upside down! At midnight, I was able to kiss my husband (the most amazing man in the world) and then kiss my little son on his cute little nose. It was the best New Year's by far....even without the alcohol!

My resolutions this year are twofold:

1) To lose weight....hehehe

2) To stick with this whole breastfeeding thing

Now, on to that:

We've officially been home a whole day and a half. Baby Benjamin met Kirk and Riley. Riley will not leave his side (but then again, Riley is a little annoying and won't leave anyone's side) and Kirk is afraid of him!

Breastfeeding has been by far the biggest challenge for me. Benjamin has a wonderful latch....he just wants to be "latched" all the time at night. He definitely has his days and nights backwards.

The last night at the hospital was rough. He would have fed non-stop if we would have let him. Then, the first day home, I became an over-tired, stressed out nursing and diaper counting fanatic. The timing, schedule and check-list took over and I found myself waking him up every two hours to feed, instead of trying to read what he reaaly wanted. This resulted in me "forcing" him to feed when he did not really want to...thus making me think he suddenly developed a bad latch.

Today was much better! I threw out the little diaper checklist (since he always has twice as many "poo's" than required) and I stopped looking at the clock to nurse. Today we were able to see more of his eyes and enjoy his little new mannerisms. He ended up nursing every 3 hours throughout the day, then every two hours from about 10PM on. Again...it was a much better day!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Especially for when my milk comes in! We feel so blessed to have this little guy around and I don't want fatigue and self-doubt to make us take these precious moments for granted!

More pictures are on the way...I promise. With all the nursing, I have not felt like uploading them to the computer.....but they will be there soon! In the meantime. here are some pictures my mom took. I'm so happy she is here!

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andiewade said...

so exciting! such good news that he has a good latch. such a cute little man. at least from these pictures, i think he's looking like his daddy :)