Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Need to go Shoe Shopping- ASAP!

We just had a "fire drill" at work. Not usually a big deal except that....

I'm over 30 weeks pregnant!

It was raining!

There was Thunder!

There was Lightening!

I forgot my flip-flops and was wearing heels!

Heels + Pregnant = Not Good!

I work on the 4th floor- no elevators when you leave for a drill.

Thousands of people trying to cram into a 6 elevators on the way back up.

I'm Claustrophobic!

Did I mention I was pregant?

Oh....and the worst one of all....I was in mid-bite of my muffin when the alarm went off.

It's going to be a long last hour of work now that my back is killing me, I ate my muffin too fast, my feet are throbbing, I'm wet and it's COLD in the office! grrrrr.....(My poor co-workers say a side of my that only my mom and husband have had the luxury of seeing!)

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