Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad News.....for Caleb!!

So, I am now officially full-term....which is VERY exciting. Except, I am really afraid that these last three weeks are going to be the worst three weeks of the entire pregnancy!

I woke up Sunday morning with a swollen right arm and hand. My ankles were swollen, too! They are all still swollen today! Not fun! I feel so puffy and gross all the time. Walking is a real effort! I park in the parking deck for work...and it's amazing how much slower I have to walk now. Like this morning, a friend of mine was walking in with me....we were having a good conversation, but I had to interrupt her and say, "Please feel free to go on without me....I can't keep up with you anymore!" This coming from the girl who was always the front of the pack while running...this from the girl who actually likes to work out. How embarrassing!

Anyway, it is 76 degrees here in NC. Everyone else loves it, but not me! I refuse to turn the air conditioner on in our's DECEMBER! So, I am miserable at night and not really able to sleep. Last night I was up every hour on the hour. Again, not fun.....I know, I know...this is God's way of preparing me for a little baby who is going to have me up all the time, too...but I don't want to think about that. I like feeling sorry for myself!

Anyway, I did call the doc about the swelling and they asked me to go check my blood pressure. It was really good. Looks like I just need to deal with this swollenness and drink plenty of water and just suck it up!

On a different note, I started to drink Raspberry Leaf of many tactics/wives tales to start the process of naturally inducing myself! I can't believe that I have about 20 days until my due date. Even in the midst of all of this complaining, I am really.....REALLY excited about meeting our little man!

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andiewade said...

oh my goodness. i would usually love this weather too... we went to walmart earlier today and i was so hot by the time we got in the car i had to turn on the ac full blast and blow it in my face for the entire ride home!