Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let The Dinners Be Frozen!!!!

Let me just pat myself on the back....and while I'm at it, I'll pat Caleb on the back, too!

All along, I have had in my head that I was going to make about 10 meals to freeze so that we had them once the baby was born. It was a nice thought....but honestly, I didn't know if it was actually going to happen! Well.....drum roll happened! Caleb and I made the meals today! The dinners are in the freezer!

Also, tonight we had our Young Adult Christmas party. It was a Chili Cook-Off. The guys cooked tons of chili and we all got to judge them. As Casey would say "It was a Christmas Party....with a meaty twist!" I am proud to say that Caleb's chili won! It was really, really good! Maybe I'm just biased because my pregnancy craving has been for taco/cheesy foods. Caleb made a southwestern chili that rocked! Also, Sarah let me drink my soda out of a wine glass tonight. What more could you ask for? Oh! I know! How about the birth of this little boy. That would be nice!

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