Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Story of My Life.....for at least the next week or two!

I started reading a section in this book someone from work lent to me. The chapter is entitled "Coming into the Homestretch". I think that it best describes how I am feeling right about now:

"I can honestly say that I have never met a woman who within a month of her due date wasn't ready to have an end to this maternity marathon. No matter how chipper and enthusiastic they might have been for the preceding eight (nine) months, even the best of them get cranky and impatient. And who can blame them? They can hardly breathe anymore, they have grown too large for all but their biggest clothes, they aren't sleeping very well, they have chronic heartburn and indigestion and they are keenly aware that somehow, someway, that baby is going to have to come out of their bodies, soon! They usually have also come to realize that it is easier to care for a baby that is inside you than one that is outside.

There isn't really much to do at this point. Presumably, you will have had your baby shower. You will also have completed your childbirth preparedness classes. And, aside from putting your shower gifts away, your baby's room is probably pretty much organized. If you have been working outside the home, chances are you have already begun your maternity leave or will be doing so soon. You may find that you have the unfamiliar sensation of having time on your hands, time that you fill with alternating bouts of boredom, excitement and fear.

As if all this anticipation weren't enough to keep you agitated, you will be increasingly irritated by the well-intentioned comments of nearly every person you brush by. They will say things like, 'Wow! You're huge! When is that baby going to be born?" Or every week when you go to get a manicure or to do your grocery shopping, the clerk will say, 'You mean you still haven't had that baby yet?' Your mother and mother-in-law will call you every single day on the pretense of just calling to chat, but really to see if you are in labor and have neglected to tell them. Talk about the watched pot never boiling....This may seem like the longest yard, but if you want to be reminded that you are almost finished, look ahead to the next chapter: It's about going to the hospital."

Story of my life....

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The Priests said...

You mean you're STILL pregnant?!?


I'll be checking frequently to read about your status. :-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 2007!