Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Counting Down.....

I have officially become extremely uncomfortable. I know it's because I have been bragging about how nice this pregnancy has seemed to be so far.

Yesterday at work, I was hot all day and swollen and gross. I was planning to work late to make up some comp time, but left at 5 instead. I was able to make myself some dinner (Caleb is on nights now)....then I went to bed at 7:30! I slept for 4 hours straight....but that was the end of that! From about midnight on, I was up pretty much every hour on the hour. I either had to go to the bathroom (story of my life) or I woke up because I was uncomfortable with a head-ache or I was too hot and clammy. I ended up taking a shower, taking some tylenol, checking for a fever, drinking tons of water (I think I was dehydrated), trying an ice pack, eating some cheerios, changing my clothes....you name it! Nothing seemed to work. At around 5 AM, I called in sick to work. That seemed to work!! hehe...once I called in sick, I was able to sleep for another couple of hours straight. Caleb came home and took care of the dogs, which allowed me to sleep from about 5 AM- 9:30 AM.

Now, I'm at work. The head-ache is still lingering....but I think it is just because it's about 75 degrees outside and about 85 degrees inside.

Oh....and there is definitely something going on with the belly. Though I do not think that I have "dropped", I definitely feel like the baby/belly has pushed outward....like it's about to dive off the deep end. I sure hope that all of this "lousy-feelingness" means that we are coming closer and closer to delivery day!

Again, I have been very fortunate with this pregnancy...but it has reached a point where I am just not comfortable anymore....and would really like to have this little boy sooner rather than later!

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