Monday, December 03, 2007

Framelight Photography

We recently went to Joel and Rebecca's wedding (Joel is a long-time friend from Campbell). Rebecca is an amazing photographer who just recently launched her website:

I encourage you all to check out this link. I absolutely LOVE all the unique shots that she has captured. We can't wait until our little one is born so that we can have her capture that special moment in time for us.

Many of you know Andrew and Laura Kate from Campbell. They were married a few years ago, but recently pulled out their wedding attire and hit up some beautiful places around Raleigh for some wedding portraits. I was looking at all these beautiful pictures last night and I thought, "This makes me want to pull out my wedding dress and do the same thing. I want pictures like these!" Then...I remembered.....that I was pregnant.....hehehe...I don't think the dress would fit right about now. Rebecca is good, but she's not THAT good. She has to work with what she's got....and I'm sure my pictures would not turn out right if I tried to squeeze my pregnant self in that dress. Oh well! Maybe in a year.....

Here's one of my favorite shots from Laura Kate's shoot:

Here are some of my favorite shots of little ones:

But seriously.....please check out her link and give her a call to check out her prices and availability. You won't regret it!!

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Rebecca said...

Adrienne! Wow! I can't wait until your little one comes along! It will be so fun to get you guys on film!! Glad you like the pictures, and thanks so much for the post! We've got several more events getting ready to go up, so keep checking back!