Friday, November 30, 2007

So Long Time Warner will be missed!

We've officially made a "parental" decision and decided to do away with Time Wanrer Cable for now. Our reasons:

1) We did not have cable the first year we were married (recommended by someone somewhere and we thought it was a neat idea).

2) Caleb did not have cable growing up, and we decided that it was something that we wanted to try when we had children.

3) Caleb and I don't even like the same shows. We never watch TV together. Actually, I can't stand the History Channel and "How It Was Made" Shows....Caleb starts to vomit when he hears the theme song to Grey's Anatomy.

So...Farewell House, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Dirty Jobs, Fox Soccer Channel and Fox News. You will be missed! Hopefully the bunny ears can pick up something worthwhile. It does help that all MY favorite shows have now gone to re-runs for the month of December. AND...if we ever want to get it back, we can get the special again so long as it was cancelled for at least one month! I think it will ultimately be a good just stings a little now.


Doyle said...

Well, House, Criminal Minds, and Greys Anatomy are all on network TV, providing the ol' Bunny Ears will get that. Lauren and I don't watch ABC. Not because we're boycotting, but more because we would only want to watch it if we really missed our home in NY in the middle of winter.

Caleb and Adrienne said...


We hooked up the bunny ears and they work wonders. Looks like I will still be able to catch up one my shows....