Saturday, November 17, 2007


So.....our Food Lion FINALLY opened right by our house (It's like 1 mile away). Now, we don't have to drive to Clayton just to get groceries (20 miles away). It is so clean and smells so new.....EVERYTHING is on sale right now for their grand opening. Food Lion opened 7 days ago....and Caleb and I have been there 5 of those 7days. I'm addicted!

I've attached a couple pictures. The first picture is my new mirror. I seriously take my picture some mornings to see what I look like instead of trusting the mirror! Caleb always makes fun of me and this picture is of him trying to ruin my shot.

The next picture is Buy One Get One Free day at Food Lion. Caleb really didn't want to go out to the store to get me (and Carson) ice cream. He folded when he realized that 1) Bryers Ice Cream was on sale (I always buy generic food) and 2) if he got 4 tubs, maybe he wouldn't have to go back for a while! All the check out ladies were laughing at him- his cart consisted of 4 tubs of ice cream and a pizza (for him)....he felt the need to explain that his wife was pregnant.

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