Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revenue Baby Shower!

My co-workers gave me a surprise shower. I had no clue. My boss stopped me in the hallway about 11:45 and said, "I hope you don't have plans for lunch!" (I didn't...I never do!) Then, one by one, my co-workers walked past me....each carrying a crock pot or some other treat!

They all chipped in and my boss designed a Money Tree. They said that if I plant it the dollar bills will turn into $5's...and if I water it daily, they will become $10's.

It was a really nice shower! I am so grateful for everyone who was ableto be a part of it.

The Money Tree...in all of its glory!

Here are the female members of my work group (the guys only stuck around for the food!)

(My boss, Stephanie, Tabetha, Myself, The Money Tree, Our Christmas Tree, Elizabeth, Silvia)

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